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Social Justice Reading



Slate Article on Native American Slavery


Indian Country Today "Two Spirits, One Heart, Five Genders"


Indigenous Masculinities- Interview with Albert McLeod


Indian Country Today "Native Suicides: Intergenerational Trauma Erupts"


NoVo Foundation Video "Supporting Indigenous Communities in North America"


Apihtawikosisan "Book announcement: 'Indigenous Writes'"


Matador Network "The Link Between 'Tourism' and 'Settler Colonialism' in Hawai’i"


Ke Kaʻupu Hehi ʻAle Blog


Everyday Feminism " Things You Need to Know Before Planning a Vacation to Hawaii"


New York Times "Guatemalan Women’s Claims Put Focus on Canadian Firms’ Conduct Abroad"


Radcliffe Institute Event "Strong Voices, Indigenous Women Wikipedia Edit-a-thon Strong Voices, Indigenous Women: Wikipedia Edit-a-thon"


National Congress of American Indian "NCAI Supports Responsible, Informed Response to California ICWA Case"


Cutcha Risling Baldy " We need to talk about the Indian Child Welfare Act or In Which I Try To Talk About the Indian Child Welfare Act" "Those Kids Never Got to Go Home"


Colorlines "New Book Helps Native American Girls Cope After Sexual Assault"


American Indian Studies Program at University of Illinois "Native Feminists: Without Apology"


Nerding Abroad "5 Ways to Support Indigenous Women on International Women’s Day"


Native Sun News "Murder of Anna Mae still leaves many questions unanswered"


CBC Aboriginal "5 recommendations for national MMIW inquiry: Native Women's Association of Canada"


Sing Our Rivers Red Website


Indian Country Today "Senator Alleges Malpractice at IHS Hospital"


The Globe and Mail "Ottawa used technicality to disqualify 1,000 residential-school claims"


The Red Nation “Fighting For Our Lives: #NoDAPL in Historical Context


Jacobin Magazine “A History and Future of Resistance” “How Native American Women Inspired The Feminist Movement”


Red Power Media “Missing, Murdered Aboriginal Women Remembered With 1,181 Inukshuks”


Unsettling America Decolonization in Theory & Practice


PDF of "Intergenerational Trauma: Understanding Natives’ Inherited Pain" By Mary Annette Pember


Resources from the Indian Country  Child Trauma Center


Justice for Berta Cáceres, Website


Open Access Documents by Peter D'Errico on Indigenous Peoples' legal issues


"Enough is Enough Aboriginal Women Speak Out"  Book By Janet Silman


"What Is Restorative Justice?" Article from the Upper Ninety Program


Video of the lecture "Truth and Reconciliation, History and Justice" during the 2012 Symposium on Indigenous Peoples at UMass Amherst


"Trump’s Dismemberment of Bears Ears National Monument: Perspective From Indigenous Scholars", Article from The Revelator


"Honor Native Land:  A Guide And Call To Acknowledgment" on the US Department of Arts and Culture Website


"Voices from the People’s Climate March: Indigenous Groups Lead Historic 400,000-Strong NYC Protest" Democracy Now


Indigenous Environmental Network, Website


Yes Magazine "The Warriors Who Turned to Peace"


Rhode Island Public Radio “The Wampanoag View Of Thanksgiving”


United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples


NPR Segment "Largely Forgotten Osage Murders Reveal A Conspiracy Against Wealthy Native Americans"



Southwest Crossroads: Cultures and Histories of the American Southwest

Digital Native American and Indigenous Studies (DNAIS)


Blogpost on DNAIS

Hokulea Project Teaching Resources

Lessons of Our Land: Native American Pre-K through 12 Curriculum

KQED "How Trauma-Informed Teaching Builds A Sense of Safety And Care"

The Hechinger Report "Pulling Reservation Schools Back From the Brink"

AIOIC "Formalized education in the United States was not designed to empower us. It was designed to pacify us, while it extinguished our culture."

Yahoo News "Quebec Teen Discovers Ancient Mayan Ruins by Studying the Stars"

Kairos Canada "How Residential School has affected me: a reflection" by Sui-Taa-Kii (Danielle Black)

The Odyssey "13 Things You Realize As A Native American in College"

Prezi By Eve Tuck "Settler Colonialism an Overview"

New York Times Blog "Lesson Plan | I Remember: Teaching About the Role of Memory Across the Curriculum" "Mandatory Indigenous Studies courses aren't Reconciliation, they're an easy way out"

National Museum of American Indian "We’re looking for a special teacher, and it might be YOU"

Project Muse "Faculty as Contributors to Learning for Native American Students"

The Stranger "Teaching Tribal History Is Finally Required in Washington Public Schools"

The Chronicle of Higher Education "Why So Few American Indians Earn Ph.D.'s, and What Colleges Can Do About It"

Debbie Reese’s Interview for the National Council of Teachers of English

Research Project: "What I Learned in Class Today: Aboriginal Issues in the Classroom," University of British Columbia

POC Online Classroom “(De)constructing Knowledge: Decolonization is Not a Metaphor”

The Edvocate “At What Age Can We Introduce Children to Honest History?”

Navajo Traditional Teachings, website

Mapping Indigenous LA

Iroquois Corn in a Culture-Based Curriculum: A Framework for Respectfully Teaching about Cultures

Native Youth Sexual Health Network

The Nation "How America Is Failing Native American Students"  by Rebecca Clarren

Eve Tuck, co-editor of book series "Indigenous and Decolonizing Studies in Education"

Cheyenne River Youth Project

Gyazi Ross "#DearNativeYouth: It Gets Greater Later" in Indian Country Today

" Tribal Sovereignty in Washington State" Educational resources Website

Indian Education Resources on the Montana Office of Public Education Website

Wolakota Project,  Oceti Sakowin Essential Understandings  

Oyate Resources Page


Latinxs in Kid Lit

Raid on Deerfield: The Many Stories of 1704, website

Indian Pueblo Cultural Center - K-12 Pueblo Curriculum Project

Toolkit for "Rewriting History—for the Better" From Teaching Tolerance

"The Pilgrims: Alliance with Massasoit’s People and the First Thanksgiving" Educational Resources from PBS

"Ontario school board tosses Shakespeare for indigenous writers" In the National Post

Smithsonian Article "This Little-Known Math Genius Helped America Reach the Stars" on Cherokee female Engineer Mary Golda Ross "

Native American Heritage Month 2016, #NativeReads by Debbie Reese




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